25 Weeks

IMG_1809This pregnancy is just whipping by, but I guess that’s to be expected when any free time I would have had to revel in the little joys of growing a little one are eaten up by two other little ones who need bums wiped and food cut up into little pieces.

Just like my last pregnancy, I find that I have to google “how many weeks pregnant am I?” just to keep track of things, and I have to say, I’m a little sad each time I see that number increase.  I really do enjoy being pregnant and wish I had more time to soak it in.  

I’m already feeling the guilt of neglecting this third child, as has been solidified by the LACK of midwife appointments I’ve had so far.  If you’re not familiar with how they work, I’m supposed to go every 4 weeks for an appointment, and to date, I’ve been THREE TIMES.  You can do the math, but that pretty much means I’m going every 6-ish weeks at this point. (My first appointment wasn’t until 9 weeks, so I only start counting from there)   *sigh*  It’s really not been my intention to have such a long gap in between visits, and it actually mostly has to do with the timing of my visits so far.  One time, we were on vacation right when I should have gone in.  Another time, it was the holidays, and I just needed to push things back a bit.  But STILL.  
I actually so enjoy these visits, and midwifery care all around.  Hearing our babe’s heartbeat continues to be a highlight and if only for that fact, I need to pick up my socks a little when it comes to booking appointments.  (This kid might as well start it’s own hashtag now: #thirdchildproblems)

People continue to ask one of four questions each time they see me/meet me. So let me just take care of those for you right now, and my typical response:
1) How are you feeling?  Great!  And while that IS the truthful answer, the MORE truthful answer is that I’ve reached the point in the pregnancy where sleep is starting to elude me, so that doesn’t help with the overall feeling great.  (This could also be due to my two year old son, however).  I ALSO feel way bigger at this point than with my other two pregnancies, (probable truth), and so feel a little slower than I anticipated and a little more achy.  But really, those are minor details, and so “great!” is the answer that really does take care of this question!

2) Do you know what you’re having?  Nope.  As with our last two pregnancies, we’ve decided to keep it a surprise, which I’m suuuuuuper pumped about.  Although can I say that I feel more judge-y when I answer this question these days?  Since my first pregnancy 5 years ago, I find that less and less people keep things a surprise and so anytime I say that we aren’t finding out, and why we love it that way, I feel like I sound like I’m judging all of these people’s choices to have found out the gender of THEIR babies.  Welcome to 2016.  The era where you can’t say anything without sounding like a douche-bag to someone.  

3) When are you due?  April 30.  But my babies come late, so I’m fully anticipating a May baby.

4)  Is this your first?  And then I sullen-ly answer “no, it’s our third”.  Just kidding. I’m totally pumped that this is baby # 3, but I think it kind of takes people off guard that we are on kid #3.  Especially when I look like I’m 24.  *cough….cough…..*

To wrap up this summary, I feel that it’s worth noting that I got my first charlie horse of this pregnancy a few nights ago.  I have always gotten them at some point each time around in my calf muscles and for probably the past month, I could feel them coming.  I have figured out how to stretch my leg to prevent it from attacking and have fended them off.  Until now.  They always come at night, when I’m sleeping/in bed and this one was smack dab in the middle of the night.  I’ll tell ya, I can’t think of many worse ways to wake up than you your entire leg muscle trying to revolt against the rest of your body.  It’s now two days later and my leg is STILL recovering.  This? This is the part of pregnancy I could do without.  Well, that and the hemorrhoids, but those aren’t a reality.  Yet.  


One thought on “25 Weeks

  1. Rebecca says:

    This all sounds so very familiar! And I am pretty sure I would rather go through labour than those ridiculously painful Charlie horses! (Thankfully I don’t actually have to choose.)
    Despite how you may feel, you look *great* – as always.
    I hope it continues to go well.

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